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Bishop 16th pastoral anniversary Celebration( the man that walk by faith and not by sight) PDF Print E-mail

Sunday start off Pastoral 16th anniversary celebration with pastor Sanders.

Subject:  It's just a matter of time

Jeremiah 29:11 The man of God preached on how God spit in the dirt an placed the dirt on the blind mans eyes. Then man was blind all his life yo till depending on others to take him around. "But God " places the spit of dirt on the mans eyes then told him to go wash his face praise God. Then the man could see after he cleaned his eyes. Walking by faith he was made whole for the first time. Walking by faith he didn't need nobody to take him around anymore. I want everything God has for me. But God

Monday Pastor Lattaker

Walking by faith and not by sight

Tuesday Pastor Carl Brinkley

Prove it

Wednesday  Pastor James Forte

Thuesday Dr. Terry Bethea

Friday Pastor John McKoy

The gospel is true, preach it


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Pastor Rev Hightower


Greeting From Pastor PDF Print E-mail

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been an amazing year and God is not through with us yet. Allow me to say thank you to New Salem, family and friends for the commitment, dedication, support but most of all the togetherness you have shown over the last 16 years of service. A special thanks to our Pastor's Aid committee President, Mother Ollie Mott and the entire Pastor aid committee and congregation for working beside her because God has been good, not only to New Salem, but to each and every one of you, in our home, jobs, families, etc.We have experience some new growth and we are excited about what the future holds in 2015.God has afforded us the opportunity to move to a new dimension of the office of Bishop under the International Communion of Charismatic Church and serve as Prelate Bishop the International Kingdom Covenant Church on October 24, 2014 under the leadership of Bishop Stanley B. Search of New Hope MB Church, Natchez, Mississippi.


So as we reflect back on May5th 1998 Salem MB Church started out in the living room do Rev. Troy Bragg and wife, Calvin and Renee Elder & a few faithful followers, the ministry branched out to the Ramada Inn on Highway 53 & stayed there about 2 months. On July 5, 1998 Salem MB church held it's first  Sunday service at the new location of 4006 Murchison Road. Over the next 4 plus months some misunderstanding difficult times, and  situations arose  and upon agreement the ministry was looking for a new leader. Therefore , December 6,1998, Rev. Eddie Lee Hightower met with a few of the officials and upon agreement, he would lead the church (with 5 stipulations): q) Noonday prayer 2)Wednesday night prayer meetingBible study  7:30 3( Sunday school  9:45 4) Sunday morning worship 11:15 am, 5) Tuesday Church fast Day. so with 11 members, 5 of them children, and head over heels in debt, we began a mission that seem impossible. In the past 15 years we've  faced default judgment & liquidation, church split, negative $2.24 in the bank,however, we experienced great success. God has permitted some 150 plus to be active in NSMBC, we've purchased the church , land next to the church, 3 trailer parks, several houses in the community, 3/4 of the Bowden Road, Brick Duplexes, 14 acres on Bragg Blvd, our 501 c-3 non-profit status a name change on October 29,2012 to New Salem MB church but now a new change to New Salem International Ministries on November 12, 2014 for Phillippians 3:13,14 say to forget those things which are behind and press toward a mark of a higher calling which is in Christ Jesus.


in 2015 I am reminding you that this is our year of Devine Favor for we are align God's Plan to be fulfilled in our lives as we go through God's  in order to achieve the Promise that God has set before the foundation of the world. thanks you New Salem International Ministries and thanks you all of the churches, family and friends that have come out to celebrate with us as we continue to uplift the Name of Jesus.


Bishop Eddie Lee Hightower

Pastor, New Salem International Ministries

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